SNOOZE Matress co.

SNOOZE Matress co.

Spearheading Sleep Technology

Meet Snooze International

Snooze International is a sleep company that provides a revolutionary mattress buying experience. CEO and President Matt Smith has created proprietary and patented systems and provides exclusive access to technology created by the Mayo Clinic. Snooze International isn’t just another mattress store – we transform sleep through technology. And we aren’t the only ones that think this! Best selling author of the 10X Rule, Grant Cardone, endorses Snooze International too. It is the perfect opportunity for franchise partners that want to go above and beyond to create next-level sleep solutions.

Our franchise opportunity offers you an easily replicable business model that comes with a proven concept for cash flow and work-wide buying power for cost-effective execution. Prepare to enter into a business partnership that is one of the most fruitful industries in the franchise system, offers continued support, and generates incredible profitability utilization. The next level is yours for the taking. Invest with Snooze International today!

Profitability Proven

Snooze International runs on a high level of integrity, credibility, and a strong commitment to the best customer service experience. Continuing to operate with these values is important, as this is a main differentiating factor between Snooze International and other mattress stores.

We Know What We’re Doing:

Snooze International partners take mattress shopping to the next level. The one-of-a-kind experience is enhanced by our values that place the emphasis on the experience, with our salespeople getting excited about jumping on the bed with customers and amplifying the sleep experience in pyjamas! Beyond that, there is a true focus on quality service that is rewarded with high per-transaction revenue and overall profitability of the business.

A Necessary Concept:

People are in possession of more information than ever before, and as such the sleep market is changing. Snooze International offers up-to-date knowledge of what it takes to give the consumer what they want, their best night‘s sleep.

Strong Potential ROI:

Snooze International is an affordable way to step into the sleep industry with our efficient processes and consistent commitment to quality.

Operationally Sound:

The Snooze International model is structured to run smoothly with full-time employees and an equitable workload for an owner/operator. Workflows, process management, and experience in the field will allow for the Snooze International model to be replicated efficiently with new franchise partners.

Is Snooze International the Right Fit for You?

We are seeking franchisees who have the following qualities to join our team:

  • Incredible work ethic and discipline
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong sales and customer service abilities
  • Meet financial requirements
  • Leadership and management mindset

Snooze Support

Training Support

An extensive training program and technical support will help our franchise partners successfully run Snooze International, along with yearly training conventions, monthly Snooze University learning opportunities, and digital sales training for all new staff.

Operational Support

We will provide ongoing operational support in many areas, including customer-service techniques, product ordering, pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Marketing Support

We will provide a partnership with a sister company, Wake Up Pueblo, for marketing plans and materials, including personalized commercials and concepts to dominate the social media market in the area and free assets weekly and monthly for all social media platforms.

Continuing Research and Development

We will provide continued support with ongoing research and development information to enhance profitability.

Financial Information

Franchise Fee: $25,000

Initial Investment Range: $139,950 to $336,600 including franchise fees.

Royalty Fee: 4% of Gross Revenue per month

Are You Ready to Better Your Future with a Snooze International Franchise?

To learn more about Snooze International, visit our website at or email us at


Business Name: SNOOZE Matress co.
Contact Phone: 800-610-0262
Contact Email:
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $139,950 to $336,600 including franchise fees
Lead Email:

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