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Be a SuperHero for Your Community

Did you know that 85 million American homes have a pet? There are around 77,000 dogs and 53,000 cats among them — every one of them has a need that we can fill! Scoopy Poopy Poop® is one of the very first pet waste removal franchises to sweep the nation, fulfilling a very real need in a billion-dollar industry! BUT we are so much more. We are on fire with a passion for helping our communities. Through our partnership with the American Humane Society and other shelters, our love for animals and their families, and an unrelenting desire to affect change around the world, we are here to serve our communities one scoop at a time!

Scoopy Poopy Poop® is not just a chance to be a part of this lucrative pet services industry — we are your chance to make a difference in the lives of others! When you invest with Scoopy Poopy Poop®, you’re investing in a franchise family who will support you every step of the way, ensuring your success and the health and happiness of the communities that you serve! Make a difference with Scoopy Poopy Poop®!

Impact the World with Us!

Scoopy Poopy Poop® is the path through which we can carry out our primary mission: to help animals and the communities that house us. The great news is that we’ve found that the poop scooping niche is never victim to seasonality nor economy — pet owners do not cut their pet budget even through economic lows! From our community outreach programs to our high profit margins, Scoopy Poopy Poop® is where you want to be. We are a win-win business opportunity!

Pet Waste Certification: We provide families with peace of mind! Through our proprietary vet-developed Pet Waste Technician Certification Program, you can be the extra set of eyes for your clients. We’ll train our franchisees and staff to recognize the signs of parasites, how to alert pet owners of abnormalities, and how to clean the area – no other company does this!

Making a Difference: Scoopy Poopy Poop® strives to give back through fundraisers, live events, volunteer time, and more! We provide FREE service to adoptive families for the first two weeks with their new pet home (and donate the first month of service that they book back to the shelter). This gives the pet and their families the VERY BEST shot at a successful relationship! Less stress for the owners, safer environment for the pets. We LOVE to give back and it’s VITAL that our franchise partners do too!

Strong Profitability Potential: This is a billion dollar industry — families spent around $103.6 billion on their pets a year! This service-driven model means little overhead and more profitability. Work from your home office and scale and add staff as your client base expands. You can own a Scoopy Poopy Poop® for as little as $37K to start. We have the lowest royalties in the industry!

Multiple Profit Drivers: Scoopy Poopy Poop® means high profit margins and multiple streams of income. Not only do we have poop scooping services, we also offer cat litter box swaps, dog walks, citronella yard treatment, lawn pest control, deck washes, pet waste station sales & installation, and one-time clean-ups.

Let Your Passion Drive You!

Our Franchise partners must LOVE animals and be driven by the care for pets and their families. Scoopy Poopy Poop® is for people who are excited to help others and have an unrelenting drive to make a difference in their communities!

  • Passionate About the Care of Animals
  • Driven and Relentless to Make a Difference
  • Caring and Unselfish
  • Outgoing with Good Communication Skills
  • Determination and Integrity
  • Understanding of Business Management

“I am that CEO who will be with my franchisees at all times. I will go to bat for you — it’s what I love. A high tide raises all ships!” – Ben Ortiz

We Want You to Succeed

When you join Scoopy Poopy Poop®, you are gaining more than just ownership of your very own business – you’re stepping into a family that is cheering for your success!

Comprehensive Training:

We begin with training at our location, followed by hands-on training
at yours. The Scoopy Poopy Poop® team is approachable and here to answer questions along the way. Refresher courses are offered throughout your franchise ownership journey.

Operational Support:

As part of our franchise network, you can depend on our team for support where it counts. Our CEO, Ben Ortiz, and his support team are here to back you as you grow. Gain complete access to the team for any and all questions throughout the life of your franchise. We want you to WIN!

Marketing Support:

Great social media strategies are an owner’s best friend, and we have them for you! Our team will work hard to expand the brand’s presence
of Scoopy Poopy Poop® in your local area plus nationally. Garner local recognition quickly through community outreach, while utilizing our branded collateral, consumer marketing plans, and more. Your success is our success!

Other Benefits:

An exclusive territory, control over your schedule, and ongoing research and development are all a part of the perks of being a part of Scoopy Poopy Poop®’s franchise network!

Our Low Cost Start-Up is No Secret!

Franchise Fee: $25,000

Est. Min. Initial Investment: $37K (with franchise fee)

Royalty Fee: 8% of Gross Sales

Scoopy Poopy Poop® is the most affordable pet waste removal franchise in the nation. Our royalty fees are lower than all of our competition!

Join Us at Scoopy Poopy Poop®!

Ready to join our franchise family?
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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
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Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $37K (with franchise fee)
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